Mini-Dom Carbon Fiber Self Righting Mono Rc Boat (KIT)

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Its Finally here! The Oxidean Marine Mini-Dom Kit! This fun 17 inch Full carbon fiber rc boat is Loads of fun, and best of all, Self righting! that's right! If you happen to capsize the boat, a unique chamber floods with water, sets her right side up again, and Away you go!

Comes with everything you need including tools! Very easy to build. Builds in 30 minutes!

 This boat has a Built-in number flag mount. People can customize and race these boats for Loads of fun! It uses a 2200mah 11.1 3s lipo battery (not included) and a 2-channel radio with receiver (not included). Some assembly required, tools provided!

Recommended age:  14 and up

Length: 450mm(Not included part Only Hull)

Width: 135mm

Height: 70mm Brushless

Motor: VZ1515


Servo: Micro Metal Gear

(2-channel radio and 2200mah 3S LiPo battery required)