Oxidean Marine was started by World Champion Fast Electric RC boat racer Bill Oxidean. Bill also races Full sized drag boats in the NJBA (National Jet Boat Association).

One would tend to wonder, how did someone so experienced and successful get into the exciting hobby/sport of RC? Read on, as I iterate this intriguing story of how one man, one myth, one legend came to be Bill Oxidean Team Captain of Atomik boats, Venom batteries, Team Novak, Airtronics, Boca Bearings, A-Main hobbies and Kicker Audio.

Bill Oxidean in a full sized race boat

Once upon a time in a city in Northern California called San Leandro, a 5 year old boy anxiously awaits as his father Wilmer M Oxidean returns home with an enormous Gemco bag. Out of the bag slid a box with the word "Firefox" written on the side with a picture of his futuristic land buggy. My first run with this at the time state of the art RC car with a high gear on the transmitter, and independent suspension had me hooked! Having a hobby shop directly around the corner from my house was a huge advantage.

After the Firefox played out, I got into slot cars, then model rocketry had me hooked! Over the years the family who owned the hobby shop took interest in my genius, and strong imagination with these gizmos and took me under their wing. Now we're looking at a 9 year old boy who sees ads in the hobby shop window like Tamiya Bruiser, Tamiya Grasshopper, "The Hornet", RC10 etc on his way home from school. After seeing a few kids at school running their grasshoppers, I had to have it. Tamiya Super champ. I begged and begged my parents, and to my delight the dashing little buggy kit was under the Christmas tree that year along with a battery and charger the hobby shop had actually given me for Christmas!

Bill Oxidean

Building this kit from scratch really enhanced my mechanical inclination. I got more into RC cars as a teenager (as well as BMX and skateboards) until I discovered girls at about 16. When I was about 19 a friend in the neighborhood got a car in a trade, the Traxxas Rad-2. After seeing how that car ran, I couldn't live without it. I bought it from him, and that brought me back into the beloved hobby shop who had missed me so much. As an adult, I had more money and skill to appreciate the sport, and things really took off. Later in college, some buddies and I kicked around the idea of an rc boat. We purchased a Kyosho Viper rtr and with the skills I acquired with rc car motors, I really had this thing moving. After highly modifying this boat, one thing led to another, and I ended up racing!


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