Oxidean Mariine Mini-Dom Carbon Fiber Self Righting Mono RTR Rc Boat

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Its Finally here! The Oxidean Marine Mini-Dom! This fun 17 inch Full carbon fiber rc boat is Loads of fun, and best of all, Self righting! that's right! If you happen to capsize the boat, a unique chamber floods with water, sets her right side up again, and Away you go!

 This boat has a Built-in number flag mount. People can customize and race these boats for Loads of fun! It uses a 2-channel radio with receiver (included) 2200mah 11.1 3s lipo battery (not included) and a . Some assembly required, tools provided!

Reccomended age:  9 and up

Length:450mm(Not included part Only Hull)


Height:70mm Brushless

Motor:VZ1515 ESC:OX40 Server:Servo

Radio Oxidean 2-Channel 2.4

(2200mah 3s lipo battery required)